We’d like to start off 2013 by doing something a bit different. Yes we will still have construction updatesamusing and hopefully, informative posts about Toronto and it’s history. But our resolution was to inject a little more…Culture into this blog.

As you’re probably aware, we at Context are avid readers – not just the classics though, we’re pretty up to date on some current books as well! Recently we got our “geek” on to check out some recent sci-fi novels. Head past the jump for Context book reviews of The Postmortal By Drew Magary and Ready, Player One by Ernest Cline.

October is banned book week, this is where libraries and schools celebrate these great works of literature that have often been the subject of controversy, despite their status as literary classics. They are often introduced to people in schools as must-read material that challenges us as human beings to look internally at what drives us all. However, there are some places in the world where these books have been considered “obscene” or  go against common teachings. We think you might be surprised by some of the  books that are considered “banned”. See below for our top 5 banned books to check out this week.


We’re big advocates of libraries, so when we heard about about Toronto’s Little Free Libraries, we just knew that we had to share it with you!

Despite rumors of extinction, public libraries are still going strong. According to the most recent report from the Canadian Urban Libraries Council, library usage across the country is up 45 % over the past decade, from 16.6 to 24.1 transactions on average.