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You can see it from all over the city and from as far away as Niagara Falls on a clear enough day. The CN Tower has made quite the mark on the Toronto skyline and wp_postmetas certainly one of the most iconic buildings in the city as well as a symbol for Toronto itself. wp_postmetave undoubtedly noticed the colours of it at night, but how much do you really know about the CN Tower lighting?

Spring has sprung, and so has Library District! We’re 23 floors up at the moment, with the interiors well underway on the lower floors. Follow past the jump for more pics!

Hello! We’ve brought you another Market Wharf ┬áconstruction update. This month, move-ins have started on the lower levels! Keep scrolling for the latest update…

Move over, Yonge st, you’re not the talk of the town anymore. Well you may be still, but you’re not our favourite. There, we said it.

One of the reasons we love Toronto so much is the diverse nature of each street. Be it culturally, economically, or demographically, each street has it’s own story from beginning to end. In our first entry to the series, we take a look at what is sometimes called “downtown south”. Or as we lovingly call it, “Jock Alley”. Come with us as we explain why Bremner Boulevard is one of our favourite streets in Toronto.