It was a beautiful day in the Market Wharf neighbourhood and we felt like it was finally time to check out the much-talked about Market Street Catch. It opened up shop not too long ago on, well … Market Street and it’s the sister of Buster’s Sea Cove, which you know we love.  It’s right across from the St. Lawrence Market, where we may or may not have stopped for dessert after, but that’s another post for another day.

Anyway, back to Market Street.

We told you we had BIG news to share and we’re pretty sure that Market Wharf being sold out qualifies as pretty big news. Don’t you think so?

Listen, we know you’re sad because you may have missed out, but you had your chance and now we must bid Market Wharf farewell.

But first … a quick trip down memory lane!

Psst. We’re about to give you some juicy info about 2 penthouses that are being completely customized for Market Wharf.

Are you ready? Follow the jump for 5 cool facts about our new penthouses!

We had a bit of a case of the midweek blahs, then we had an earth-shattering idea — Cupcakes.  We thought cupcakes would cheer us up, and so we went to Market Street with hopes to devour some of the sweet sweet nectar of the chocolate gods and to share with you our adventure. We’re so lucky that St. Lawrence Market is just a hop, jump and a skip away from Market Wharf!

Here are some lovely pictures of our morning in the world’s best food market (as awarded by National Geographic).

Last Wednesday, we partied.  We wanted to celebrate the move-in at Market Wharf and make use of our fresh new Amenities Centre – that’s a good reason to party, right?!

Well well well, isn’t this wuite the treat, Looks like we have another Market Wharf  model suite on display for all to see, isn’t this exciting!

A few months ago we introduced you to the podium suites on the 6th floor, well since then we’ve been able to open up the model suites in the tower. Brace yourselves, breathtaking views are ahead!

Hello! We’ve brought you another Market Wharf  construction update. This month, move-ins have started on the lower levels! Keep scrolling for the latest update…

It was a a bit rainy the other day and we thought, what better day to make a visit to St. Lawrence Market? So we headed on down to the neighbourhood to check out the latest things the market has to offer!

We were hanging out having lunch in the St Lawrence Market earlier this week and thought, “you know, let’s just see what’s going on at Market Wharf”.