Blue Jays fever is at a high right now! You can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing someone sporting a piece of Jays merch to show off their pride. It may be a little early to start thinking about it, but Christmas is coming and if you’ve got a Jays fan in your life then…you’re welcome.

If you want to show off your Blue Jays pride and sport some cool merch that isn’t just your average jersey, we’ve got some options we think you’ll like!


Today is the day! The spring is back and we have another thing to distract us from the Maple Leafs! Yay baseball do the thing and win the points!

So, there’s a few things we’re passionate about: Toronto and building awesome buildings. Since it’s opening week for the Blue Jays, we thought we’d go ahead and show the similarities between some of our projects past and present and the starting roster for the Toronto Blue Jays!

Spring is in the air,  birds are chirping, the sun is shining ( sometimes) and…snow is falling? What the heck, weather — what is your deal? Always such a downer.

There’s no reason to sulk though, spring is here! With it, comes these 4 awesome things that we’re pretty excited about.

Move over, Yonge st, you’re not the talk of the town anymore. Well you may be still, but you’re not our favourite. There, we said it.

One of the reasons we love Toronto so much is the diverse nature of each street. Be it culturally, economically, or demographically, each street has it’s own story from beginning to end. In our first entry to the series, we take a look at what is sometimes called “downtown south”. Or as we lovingly call it, “Jock Alley”. Come with us as we explain why Bremner Boulevard is one of our favourite streets in Toronto.