Hello! We’ve brought you another Market Wharf  construction update. This month, move-ins have started on the lower levels! Keep scrolling for the latest update…

Hey folks, we’re fresh from a visit to Library District and thought we would be nice and give you a little update as to what has been going on at the site this month. Windows are installed up to the 8th floor, units are getting drywalled on the second and third floors, and we’ve begun pouring the 20th floor this week!

follow past the jump for more pictures and updates.

We just can’t keep it secret anymore…This is Market Wharf’s future public artwork by Paul Raff Studio!

Library district

Hello hello from Library District!  Since we last saw each other, it was around the end of the fake apocalypse and the 11th floor was being poured. Since then, we’ve gained 3 floors, Windows, and the beginning of framing is underway on the lower floors.  Follow past the jump for more!

We were hanging out having lunch in the St Lawrence Market earlier this week and thought, “you know, let’s just see what’s going on at Market Wharf”.

Library District

Library District is going up pretty quickly. It seems only a few weeks ago we were on the 8th floor, now we’re pouring the 11th! Have a look at what’s going on around the site this month!

Market Wharf

We’ve been making regular visits to Market Wharf for the past couple of months, but this time it’s different — It’s personal. Wait, you’re saying this isn’t a movie trailer? Oh, okay we’ll tone it down a bit.

Anyway, we’re really excited to show you how much we’ve done to get everything ready for occupancy in the new year. Heck, we’ve even removed the giant crane a few weeks ago! That’s big, as in “we’ll be done soon” big.  Exciting stuff right?

Anyway, come with us on a fantastical journey through Market Wharf as it’s going through it’s final phases of construction:

It’s been quite some time since we last visited Library District . We mean, it’s not like we’re avoiding it, we’ve just been…you know, busy with other stuff. We’ve been meaning to call though, we promise.

We have another model suite to show you this week! Here we have the Market Wharf 1 Bedroom + den water suite on the 6th floor, right next to the amenities facility.

When we first enter the unit we’re greeted with a large living/ dining area. The TV is  right behind that plant thing, we swear.

At long last, the big reveal!  We stopped in at Market Wharf to take a look at the recently completed model suites on the 6th floor. This unit features granite countertops, hardwood floors, ultra-modern appliances and TONS of natural light. Follow past the jump for more pictures of this ultra-modern slice of downtown life.