Well, hello there friends. It’s been a while, huh? We recently took some shots of Library District’s model suite and let’s just say … it’s pretty damn awesome. Wanna see?

So, bear with us as we try to stuff this metaphorical stocking with as many present puns as possible but boy, do we have the perfect gift for you. Well, it looks like the exterior of Library district is all wrapped up with a pretty little bow, while the interior is a great mystery for everyone but a few. Luckily, we knew just what you wanted and here it is! A Library District construction update! Hope it fits, because we forgot to get a gift receipt.

So, we thought we’d give you an update as to how the amenities complex is coming along.

We told you we had BIG news to share and we’re pretty sure that Market Wharf being sold out qualifies as pretty big news. Don’t you think so?

Listen, we know you’re sad because you may have missed out, but you had your chance and now we must bid Market Wharf farewell.

But first … a quick trip down memory lane!

It’s a big green space with awesome elements, and located next to the Library District condos and the city’s 100th public library.

Get it? Check out? Libraries … eh? Eh? Fine, puns aren’t your thing, we get it. But we thought it was clever. Anyway, we went and got an update from the Library District site and there’s some great news — after the jump, of course!

We know we gave you a real treat with pictures of one of Market Wharf’s Water Suites last week, but guess what?

What’s that? No, we aren’t going to petition to bring back the cronut burger sans weird maple bacon jelly.

We have another suite to show off!

In the past few weeks we’ve been piling on the Library District updates and indulging in Cronuts and Nutella fries, but in reality we were just waiting for the perfect time.

The perfect time to unveil our secret plan to take over the world.

Just kidding. We just wanted to show off our last 2 remaining suites over at Market Wharf.

We’ve got some great news to brighten up this Monday and it involves Library District (and money).

Make sure you’re sitting down because this promotion is going to knock you off your feet! or at least cause you to move your chair a little…

Okay, we have a slight surprise for you so try to contain your excitement. There’s been amazing progress on the amenities centre of Library District and we just couldn’t wait to show you. Here’s the amenities centre in it’s current incarnation