We have our fair share of superheroes here in Toronto, even though some of them might not don a cape or a über cool outfit. These individuals and groups are the ones that make Toronto such a great place to live, a great place to work and a great place to visit.

Check ‘em out, Toronto’s very own heroes.

It’s the first official week back to work, school and whatever it is you usually do all day long outside of the holiday season.

We’re just moving down our list of New Year’s resolutions, checking items off right, left and center. Reading more books? Check. Hitting the gym? You betcha. Doing more good? Hmm, we did help an elderly woman cross the street this morning… but let’s do it bigger!

Last year, we sat down with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) to chat about what makes a good social entrepreneur and the importance of community. When we said we wanted to do more good this year, we meant we want everyone in Toronto to do a little more good this year. So, let’s take a look at what makes goes into building a great community – like the future Regent Park.

It’s almost Christmas – and by almost, we mean you have less than week to get finish your holiday shopping done and get it wrapped.

We know Christmas shopping is a little hard when you’ve got so much (spiked) apple cider to drink, and all those Christmas movies to watch but we put together a list of things you can grab on your lunch break or this weekend. And the best part? They’re perfect for anyone who loves Toronto – so basically everyone on your list.

We hit up the ToronTOpia pop up shop (a collaboration between Coach House Books, Spacing Magazine, and the Toronto Arts Council) on Queen and Portland and pretty much finished all our Christmas shopping in the span of an hour.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – you don’t even want to know how long we’ve waited to sing that tune…

With December right around the corner, we’re all ready to enjoy the holidays and all that Toronto has to offer, starting with the much-anticipated Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market!

We’re baaaack with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation! Last week we talked about who they are and how the Centre for Social Innovation is a hub for social entrepreneurs. This week we chat about their projects and social entrepreneurs.

In light of uh, recent events, our fair city has been the ire of many people worldwide. While it may seem like low hanging fruit to mock the current situation, we’re going to go in a different direction. We’d like to introduce you to our newest series: Toronto the Good. We’ll be taking a look at those making a difference in the community; it’s kind of like having Toronto’s very own superheroes.

This week, we sat down with Adil Dhalla from the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) to talk about what they do, their love for Toronto and some cool projects they’re working on.

Let’s take it away!

It was snowing this morning; which means Christmas is right around the corner! We love the holiday season in Toronto, but more on that later. We’ve got some book reviews to share!

These books will make great gifts for the book-lover in your family or you can just buy them for yourself – whatever floats your boat!

Well it’s the night before Halloween and congratulations on finally deciding that you’re going to go out and partake in the festivities.  The only issue is that because it took you so long to decide you don’t have a costume or any plans. Don’t worry, we know that feel bro.

This is basically what you’re going through riiiiight about now:

At Context, we’re always looking to expand our horizons and experience new things in the pursuit of science. Yesterday we thought we’d pay a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium to check out some of the cool exhibits. We’re talking about the sharks, obviously.