So y’all know we love public art and love the city, right? It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of Nuit Blanche then! If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years then we’ll quickly fill you in on what one of Toronto’s biggest fall events is.

HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT VIEW? Sorry, we can’t hold in our excitement!

We know you’ve been itching to see some renderings from The Yorkdale ever since we announced our newest project. Well, ask and you shall receive! Okay wait, that’s not true – that phrase won’t always get you what you want but in this case, it worked. Without further ado…

Sounds like the title of a teen horror flick, right? But alas, we’re talking about Toronto’s favourite end-of-summer event, the Canadian National Exhibition or more lovingly referred to as the Ex! We figured we’re the best people to write about the food this year seeing as we survived the Cronut burger last summer. This year there’s no Cronuts but there’s a helluva lotta new food items that we’re itching to go sample tomorrow when the Ex opens!

A few months ago we shared with you some tips and suggestions on where you should shop so that you can finally start dressing like an adult. Now, we’re moving on to how to make your home look presentable and fancy by shopping at Yorkdale. You ready?


So remember how we started a series talking about all the good that goes on in our lovely city? Like the Toronto Batman or the People for Good? Well, we think it’s high time we started sharing more good things that happen in the best city in the world, starting with something that we’re really proud to be a part of: a scholarship!

We dished out the details on what’s happening at Downsview Park this summer,  which is within close proximity to our new project, The Yorkdale, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten all about Fort York, Library District’s neighbouring public space! In fact, Fort York is poppin’ this summer – and it’s no longer just a historical site.

This weekend we found out that Toronto heroes and rock icons, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, are having a park named after them. Since we have a mayor who is insistent on proclaiming things, we thought we’d offer up a few more suggestions to what and who Toronto can honour with a park.

Okay, now that you’ve recovered from Canada Day festivities, it’s time to start planning beach dates and weekends at the cottage! Can you guess what the common denominator is for all summer excursions? If you guessed beer, you’re probably right, but we’re thinking books and plenty of ’em! And with the newly opened Fort York Library right next door to Library District, you have no excuse to not read more this summer!

Take a gander at our summer reading list so far.

It’s almost time to celebrate our home and native land’s birthday! She doesn’t look a day over 100 though, eh?

By now you should already know that we’re headed to Yorkdale for our new project, The Yorkdale. Cue applause and cheer.

Yes, we’re going north of Bloor because believe it or not, there’s still plenty of fun to be had outside of our little Toronto downtown core. Besides some of the best shopping in the city (sorry Bloor St., you’re fine and all until it starts to snow), there’s also plenty of amenities in and around the Yorkdale ‘hood including Downsview Park!