Where to Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto


`wp_posts`s nearly time to find all your red and white clothes, bring out the face paint and make your best attempt at drawing a maple leaf. `wp_posts`s almost `wp_posts`s 149th birthday, so how are you going to celebrate? There are plenty of events and activities going on in Toronto, and `wp_posts`ll be hard to choose which ones to attend! `wp_posts`ve gathered our top 5 options for you to choose from:

Make the most of your summer at these 5 Toronto festivals

`wp_posts`s finally here! The sun is out, converse shoes are back on, and just about everyone is looking for a patio to celebrate on. `wp_posts`s time to eat as much as you can at food truck festivals, lose your voice at concerts, and cheer the Blue Jays along. Summer 2016 in Toronto is finally here, and there are several festivals you must get to.

What’s New At Yorkdale?
What’s New At Yorkdale?
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If `wp_posts`ve seen the drawings for our new our new Yorkdale Condominiums, then you know, north of Bloor is obviously where `wp_posts`s at. The `wp_posts`s are gorgeous, the community is vibrant, and the shopping is – well the shopping is top-notch! As `wp_posts`s most successful shopping centre, `wp_posts`s just a handful of subway stops away, `wp_posts`s definitely worth checking out and keeping up to date with `wp_posts`s happening up there.

Best Places To Take Selfies This Spring

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During the winter months, Torontonians risk frost bite every time they want to take a selfie. As we all know too well – the urge to selfie is quite often! Thus the frozen hands we experienced this winter were numerous. Thankfully, the spring and summer months in the city are nothing short of glorious. The options for fun things to do and cool places to visit are endless – and so are the photo ops.
Get ready to make your Instagram feed more popular – here are our top picks for the best places to take a selfie this spring.

Best Snacks in the City
Best Snacks in the City
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Let us be candid with you for a moment – the most difficult task `wp_posts`ve faced so far this week was not getting out of bed on Monday. No, no. The most difficult task `wp_posts`ve faced this week has been attempting to comprise a list of ten of the best snacks Toronto has to offer. Why so difficult, you ask? Because the options are seemingly endless! Every step you take, every move you make, there are delicious foods waiting for you to indulge in. With new tasty restaurants popping up at a rate akin to new Drake memes, the task becomes even more daunting!


So, without further ado, we present you our ten favourite tasty Toronto treats:

Books Are Blooming! Must-Reads For Spring 2016

As of March 20th – Spring has sprung! The snow is melting (and hopefully not making an unwelcome return), the birds are chirping, and soon the gardens of the city will be in full bloom. What does this mean? It means that park benches, cute cafés, and sun-filled lazy weekends are calling your name. At first it will be with just a soft hush, but by the time April finishes, these places will pretty much be demanding your presence. Sure you can just frequent these spots unarmed, and ready to people watch, or Instagram scroll – but it’s always a good idea to come equipped with a good book. With all the new and hot books that have been released so far in 2016, your must-read list is going to be full of options for Spring reading. Here are 5 worthy additions to any Spring reading list worth its salt.

Must-See Shows At Toronto Fashion Week


As Fashion Weeks around the globe come to an end (au revoir Paris – arrivederci Milan), our fair city Toronto is just now gearing up for 5 days of fashion-filled fun. With a mix of well-known, up-and-coming, and TFW freshmen, the runway will have something for everyone. From modern streetwear to glamorous gowns, these artists have lots of show. Our homegrown talent is bursting with creativity and sure to offer heaps of #ootd inspiration with their Fall 2016 Collections. Here’s an overview of 5 must-see shows to check out.

Blue Jays fever is at a high right now! You can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing someone sporting a piece of Jays merch to show off their pride. It may be a little early to start thinking about it, but Christmas is coming and if you’ve got a Jays fan in your life then…you’re welcome.

If you want to show off your Blue Jays pride and sport some cool merch that isn’t just your average jersey, we’ve got some options we think you’ll like!

It’s been a great year for Toronto, and it seems like our status as a world-class city is only cementing itself further as 2015 progresses. Whether you’re all about the Toronto love yourself, or you’re looking for a gift for your favourite transplant, any of these fun products are a great way to show off your YYZ pride!

It’s been a pretty amazing month for Toronto! We’re hot off the end of the all-around successful Pan Am Games, we’ve got a beloved new sign in Nathan Phillips Square, and we’re getting tons of international attention for being all-around amazing. Canada recently regained our (rightful) top spot as having the world’s best reputation, from our welcoming people to beautiful landscape. As usual, we came out on top on the worldwide Safe Cities Index. To top it all off, we’re also the best worldwide city for young people and now Metropolis’ most liveable city in the world!